Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What is Motorcycle Paradise

Hi and thanks for visiting Motorcycle Paradise.

My name is Warren. I write about and photograph my motorcycle travels around the globe. On Motorcycle Paradise you will find many stories from the road, my challenges faced riding in new countries as well as my joyful moments exploring on two wheels.

Whilst I have long been a traveler and a rider it took me a long time before combining those two passions. Sure I had done a few weekend rides but for the most part I spent my time being ‘a jackass on a motorcycle’.

This blog has it's origins back in my ‘jackass’ days when I was playing with HTML code about 1995. I built some home pages with a few motorcycle photos. These early web pages were very time consuming as every update had to be coded. Access was dial up modem. Photography was still film. I did not see the potential at the time to develop the web site further (and being hosted in Australia before things like Google search arrived site traffic was always going to be limited) Much later blogging came along and so I dug up my old content and threw it online again and eventually it became this.

Now 20+ years later there are many sources of information on the internet about where to ride and motorcycle travel which suddenly became very popular after The Long Way Round aired. Much of the Australian content is dated (but still accurate) and I hope to refresh some of that as well as expand it slightly in the near future. 
You may see references in the blog to Iron Chef. I have been writing under an alias which stems from when Blogger launched you were prompted to create an online identity. At that time the crazy TV show was a big hit on SBS TV Australia and so it was just for fun. I am not a chef as people have asked, although I like to cook. I later met the famous Iron chef French 坂井 宏行 Sakai Hiroyuki in Tokyo by chance. I recently switched to over to using my Google + profile on Blogger so those references will not appear in new posts.

Both photos a long time ago. These were actually brand new bikes when I took the photo, using film.
Some legal stuff
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Feel free to contact me about anything. I am open to suggestions about reviews or promotions. I do not post anything that is not my own words but I am flexible to ensure a mutually suitable outcome.

Contact me via the blog’s email address ironchefdownunder@gmail.com

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I have a YouTube channel also but prefer photography. I find most video blogging so tedious to try watch and poorly shot. If I could bring the sort of quality I aspire to in still photos to video then I would expand that however this requires a second person as is used by most of the  professional motorcycle channels and that is beyond my means. If not following the herd to video limits my audience then Que Sera.

Regards, Warren.


  1. I look foward to reading your reports each week. Thankyou for sharing